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Do you have a constant itch to write but lack confidence?

Discover The Secret To Become a Great Creative Writer

Did you always dream of becoming a writer? But when you sit to write, words fail you? You keep staring at the blank screen waiting for those golden words to hit your brain so you can write.

Thankfully, you’re not alone in this. The starting point is always the scariest. No matter if it is writing or starting other things.

There is a myth that either you are a born writer or you are not! But that’s far from true. Just like other skills, writing needs time, and perseverance to master. There is just no other way. 

Great writers are made, not born.  There is only one thing that separates great writers from average writers. 

It is not the inborn ability. It is not a skill. 

It is perseverance.







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Have you ever received an email which is wordy, indirect and unable to comprehend?

Or, have you read a story but not been able to comprehend its meaning?

More often than you think, the majority of the people don’t know how to convey their thoughts.

This can lead to misunderstanding, tarnishing their company’s image and losing the client.

If we have these serious consequences in normal life, then we can’t even think of what could be the possible repercussions in a writer’s life.

Unleash the creative beast within you and become a favorite writer of your readers with Creative Writing Course by Howard Berg

Why this creative writing course?

  • Getting rid of writer’s block forever

    Ancient techniques that will open the unknown world of writing

    Editing tricks to transform your writing and give it life

    Get rid of preconceived writing notions that are holding you back

    The daily practice and writing drills

Creative Writing Course By Howard Berg Ipad Edition

Join me in my quest to help you unleash your creative writing potential

What Are Other Genius Creative Writers Saying?

For someone who is looking to get into the world of writing, this is definitely an excellent course. Howard delves a lot into the details which are undoubtedly useful to any writer.
mark martin Compact
Mark Martin
This was a unique course. I have taken a lot of other courses, but the material I found in this course was unique. It covers different writing styles, editing, advanced techniques, content generation, punctuation, and a lot more. Each lesson is comprehensive and to the point.
Luís Ataide Compact
Luís Ataide
The Course deserved five stars. It explained every Chapter clearly and thoroughly. Showing how to structure your writing was so helpful, also the sections on online research. The Author was genuinely inspiring and encouraging. Thoroughly enjoyable. It is highly recommended.
Aman Jain Compact
Aman Jain
Technical Writer
I am a regular blogger and wanted to get fresh new ideas to improve my writing. I tried searching online, and all the tips and recommendations were the same until I stumbled upon this course. WOW !!! Howard is a genius, and this course just gave me the edge I was looking for. The techniques and content generation methods help me take my writing to the next level. Highly recommended.
Alberto Campagnolo Compact
Alberto Campagnolo
This course was a good match for my writing level. I am learning so much more about creative writing that I didn't know at first. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is learning how to write a book. Howard was excellent. I appreciated all the feedback he gave me. Now, I hope I can write my book, and who knows maybe it will be a hit.
Anne Russell Compact
Anne Russell
Great course, teaches the basics of writing and also the more advanced styles and gives you the necessary training through exercises. I was amazed as to how far I have come after completing the activity book that was included with the course.
Rachel Helm compact
Rachel Helm
I like his clarity in explaining things. It was a good review of writing skills. Some of the exercises in the bonus material are, but I learned a lot on the whole.
David Burrow Compact
David Burrow
I highly recommend this course. Howard is very energetic and shares his passion for writing through the course. His real-world experience as a published author adds value to the instruction.
Justina Gilbert Compact
Justina Gilbert
Brand Communications

Who Am I?

I am Howard Berg, Guinness World Record Holder for ‘World’s Fastest Reader’

My record is yet to be broken. I am listed in the 1990s Guinness Book for reading 25,000 words in a minute and writing 100 words a minute.

Growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, I spent most of my time in the library in my teenage years. There I developed various memory retention and speed learning techniques that have given me the title of ‘Knowledge Mastery Strategist’.

My memory-based learning strategies have been major breakthroughs in top publications such as Forbes, FYI, Selling, Man’s Health, and various other newspapers across America.

Howard Berg

Why Learn From HOWARD?

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What will you learn in this creative writing course?

7 Day - Course Curriculum

Creative Writing Genius Bundle

Module 1: Basics of creative writing

Module 2: Techniques to increase creativity

Module 3: Increase the clarity

Module 4: State management while writing

Module 5: Technique to manage writing projects

Module 6: Improving readability

Module 7: Increase the value of your writing by Power Writing

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus Training Video 1

Sensory Dimensions

We all have five senses, and when writing, it is possible to target these senses based on the audience we are writing for. All successful writers target all the senses to appeal to a mass audience. I will show you how this is done in this video.

Bonus Training Video 2

Replicating Genius

You can waste valuable time reinventing the wheel, or you can create a great piece of work by standing on the shoulders of giants. In this video, you will learn how to draw inspiration from masterpieces and emulate style to generate fantastic content.

Bonus Training Video 3

Change Your State

Unbeknown to us, our state of mind is reflected in our writing. You would have noticed you have different writing styles based on your mood, and that is what we learn to control in this video. You will learn multiple techniques to be in an optimal state that fosters great writing.


Bonus Training Video 4

Bring Your Writing To Life

All our mind does is translate words to images. A great writer is able to write in a style that can enhance that imagery when someone reads their material. In the video, You will learn how to write in a manner that will create vivid images of the situation you are writing about.

Bonus Training Video 5

Creative writing on Digital Devices

Digital devices are everywhere and there is no escaping them. So learn teh new enhanced way of writing using digital devices to assist you along your creative writing journey using workflows that Howard used to write his best-selling book.

Bonus Activity Book

Additional Writing Assignments To Make You A Pro

The bonus activity book has advanced writing exercises that will give you more hands-on experience with writing assignments. After you complete the activities in your activity book, you can proceed to the advanced bonus material.

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There is a lot of valuable information packed in this creative writing course. I want to make sure you understand everything in this course. Take time to digest the information and use it in your daily life. 

Try the entire course in 15 days. 15 days is enough time to take this course twice. End decision will always be YOURS. If you love it, keep it. And if you don’t love it, I will make sure you receive a full refund.

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Frequently asked questions

Students can improve their creative writing skills by reading and writing more. Reading will help you understand how to form a sentence, create a flow, and improve your vocabulary. Writing more will help you find your weaker areas. In my creative writing course, I teach secret techniques to unleash the creative beast inside you.

Absolutely possible. No one is a born writer. All the great writers in the world had achieved their level of writing by learning techniques and practices. Good writers never quit. So, buckle up and start writing. No other option.

You will have lifelong access to this course after purchasing.

The recommended time to complete this course is seven days.

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