Here’s How to Make a Better Living by Speed Reading [Finish Reading a Book in Just a Week]

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Want to fall in love with reading again? Then you need to learn speed reading as soon as possible!

Daily reading is a powerful habit that can lead you to significant discoveries.

But, who will spend 8 hours or more time reading a single book? Excuses, Excuses!

Books generate curiosity within you. The more you read, the more you want to know more. Everything adds up. Every letter, every word contributes towards your knowledge and wisdom.

In previous days, when there was no internet, people used to spend most of their time in libraries reading books. But now, with the help of the internet, you can have any book at your fingertips. 

The best part of this is there are no restrictions. You can read any book you want. From personal finance, business, marketing to mental well-being. There is no shortage.

A good reading habit leads to discipline in life. And, discipline is one of the major characteristics of success. 

Do you know highly successful people are avid readers?

Bill Gates considers reading books as the most effective way to learn. He reads one book every week or 50 books a year. 

In an interview, Elon Musk revealed that he learned rocket building by reading books. He believes reading books has drastically changed his life.

From Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett, Winston Churchill to Jeff Bezos, reading books is the secret of their success.

If these people can find time to read in their busy lives, so can you. 

We are here to help you with ways you can pack up your reading skills this summer. So buckle up and get ready. 

How Speed Reading Helps You in Life?

Get New Ideas and Thoughts!

Books are full of wisdom, thoughts, and ideas. They are wonderful sources for generating new ideas and thoughts.

Albert Einstein believed that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. If it weren’t for human imagination, we would not have enormous buildings, airplanes, robots, and so on.

Everything started with imagination. 

There is no denying that reading is good for us. It encourages creativity and innovative thinking. Moreover, reading keeps our brain active.

Just like our body needs exercise, the brain needs exercise too. And what could  be better brain exercise than reading? 

Today we are constantly fed with information from all directions. Think of all the updates you post on social media, google, television, etc. We can’t possibly digest all this information. Can we?

Absolutely not. So turn off your TV, switch off your phone and grab that book you wanted to read ages ago. Reading will change your life. Put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

Utilize your free time.

How do you utilize your free time? 

Most people spend their free time watching movies on Netflix. Playing video games or scrolling social media. Not that you should not watch movies or use social media. 

But just ask yourself, other than entertainment, what kind of knowledge do these sources provide you?

Fewer or none. Right?

Instead, if you read books in this free time, you will be far wiser within a few weeks.

Make a strategy and set a target of reading certain pages in following the time available to you. Make a point to outset the target by reading one extra page every day. Gradually you would experience growth in your capacity to read.

You would discover something new and enlightening about yourself each new day.

Your body and brain will finally respond the way you feed it.

If you start it today, you wouldn’t believe the transformation that took place in you after some time.

Discover new insights faster than your peers

Let’s get this straight. The knowledge you get on social sites is rarely right or deep enough. The information you get results from 15 minutes of effort rather than 100+ hours that goes into creating a book.

Most successful books require time and research to write. Behind a successful book goes countless hours of research, interviews, and expert inputs. 

The wisdom you receive from these carefully laid-out books cannot be seen or replicated elsewhere.

Hence, when you read books, you will be the first person to have that deep understanding of the subjects among your peers.

How to Start Speed Reading?

The reading speed of an average reader is approx 200 words per minute. That is almost 4.5 hours to read a book of 200 pages (50k words). 

However, by increasing your speed to 600 words per minute, you can speed read a 5400 word book in 90 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

Worlds’ top speed reading can reach the speed of 1000 words per minute. But that is not very feasible in terms of retention. For an average reader, 600 words per minute is the best speed.

If before speed reading, you could read 1 book in 4.5 hours in a month, then with speed reading, you can read the same book in 90 minutes. This saves you 3 hours.

If you are saving 3 hours every month, then you will save 36 hours a year. 

With these 36 saved reading hours, you could read more books with no extra time.

Let’s jump to how you can start speed reading and read at least one book in a week. Shall we?

Before you start speed reading, you must understand the reason why we read so slow. Here are the top 3 reasons:

Limited peripheral vision

In school, they taught us to see and read word by word. Seeing only one word at a time is called limited peripheral vision. Our eyes constantly move repeatedly over the sentences we read. This dramatically decreases our reading time.


Most people have a habit of re-reading the words or sentences while reading books. This decreases your reading speed because you are constantly breaking your reading rhythm by backtracking.

Conditioning or previous reading habits

Have you ever noticed that it was hard to break the previous habits? Our minds are conditioned specifically. It may be because of genetics, education, or other external factors. This makes it hard to speed read because you were never taught to speed read before. 

Effective Speed Reading Techniques to Help You Get Started

Now that you know what causes you to read slow, let’s move on to speed reading techniques.

Step 1: Setting the right environment

  1. Sit in a quiet environment. Choose the place without distractions.
  2. Choose a book for speed reading. Most preferably the book you are familiar with. 
  3. Mark the word in pencil. This is the word from where you will start reading.
  4. Set up a one-minute timer.
  5. Start reading. Once the time is up, mark the last word you read. 
  6. Count all the words in between the first and last words. This is your current reading speed.

Step 2: Expanding your perpetual perception

In the previous step, you noted down your current reading speed. Now it’s time to try a speed reading technique called expanding the perpetual perception.

Perpetual perception refers to training your peripheral vision to take in more content without seeing towards it. 

For example, if you see straight ahead, you will notice that you can see the things on your left and side too. But while reading, your peripheral vision is fixed.

Hence, by expanding your perpetual perception, you will take in more words without even seeing towards them. 

Step 3: Skimming

Skimming is another method that can improve your perception. Just skim the entire page before you read. This will help your brain to pick up important words. 

When you are reading, your brain will automatically move towards the important things on that page, eliminating the need to read everything. This increases your reading speed dramatically.


How to start speed reading?

One can start speed reading by practicing reading regularly. Pick one familiar book and try to speed read it.

Can speed reading be learned?

Absolutely. Speed Reading can be learned by following a speed reading routine every day. 

How to practice speed reading?

You can practice speed reading by following steps: 1. Pick a familiar book 2. Set a timer 3. Chunk the words 4. Keep your finger where you are reading 5. Get rid of subvocalization.

How long does it take to learn speed reading?

It can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months to learn speed reading. It depends on how much you practice.

What is the best way to learn speed reading?

The best way to speed read is by practicing it. You can try various techniques such as clustering, finger-pointing, and increasing peripheral capacity, etc.


Book reading is an effective step to take it a level up, isn’t it? You never know when a small initiative might be a giant success.

If you are an avid reader, you probably know the positive effects of book reading.

It’s a journey where you discover new things and ideas.

An enthusiastic reader always finds himself in utmost discipline and a much better place in life.

If you are not in love with reading, then you will definitely love it after you learn the speed reading techniques. 

However, know that speed reading won’t happen overnight. It will need practice and effort from your side. But in the end, it’s worth it. We promise!

Till then, look at our Newsletter. We send daily tricks and techniques on speed reading, book recommendations every week. You don’t want to miss them. So if you enjoyed our article, join our Newsletter here.

So if you haven’t started your journey, take it now. It’s never too late. 

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