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The Human Calculator® has been coaching professionals in the work place to use his positive and efficient mental skills for over 20 years, all while providing an entertaining show. Inviting Scott Flansburg to join any corporate event will inspire and motivate
members of your company to utilize their own mental capacities in new ways and, consequently, increase your bottom line.

While Scott puts forth effort to encourage children and students to use his astonishing mental math techniques, he is also seasoned with many years as a motivational speaker in any company setting. His past corporate appearances include the Human Calculator® as
a keynote speaker at organizations including NASA, IBM, Polaroid, Unocal, Math Counts, Software Publishers, Tony Robbins Seminars, The Smithsonian Institute, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics among others.

Just as people challenge Scott, almost every day to calculate large math problems in his head, he can coach your employees to love mental math as well as any other mental challenge in the office.

Howard Berg


Howard Berg Seminar

Scott’s educational programs are packed with excitement, mind-blowing demonstrations, and hands on learning to give each student the best possible learning experience. His programs can be tailored to fit any time schedule your school may have, and incorporates multimedia to enhance the creative learning process.  In addition to Scott’s classroom demonstrations, students in your classroom can be motivated and inspired by Scott’s unique talents through his education bestselling children’s book, “Magic Math for Kids.”