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Are You Scared of Numbers & Equations?


Have you heard yourself saying, ‘Maths is not my cup of tea’, ‘I freaking hate MATHS! ’, ‘ I can’t solve this. ‘

If yes, you aren’t alone!!!

Maths has gained the popularity of being the ‘MOST HATED’ subject among students and professionals. In my career, I have seen many students run away from mathematics like it was an angry dog running behind them and that led to a realization:

  • You don’t hate maths, you just don’t understand it.
  • You don’t understand it because you get frustrated easily.

When you get frustrated, it’s easier to hate something than to make an effort. And why should you even make an effort to understand.

Wouldn’t the world be a perfect place with maths not around or if there’s a secret pill to understand maths?

But sadly, maths is something you can’t ignore. After all, it’s the base of everything around – the economy, your salary, the tax system and a lot many other things.

So, instead of hating it, why not love it with the secrets that people like you have been using to grasp mathematical concepts quickly?







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Turn into a Math Wizard in 7 Days

One week or one decade…. the choice is yours!

Most people (including you) go about learning random tricks, tactics to ace maths. Many waste decades to reach the level of mastery. Think about it for one moment: 

  • Are decades of frustration and anxiety worth it?
  • Do you even have the time to wait patiently (when you’re already frustrated)? 

In 2021, time is money and golden opportunities come once in a lifetime. Opportunities come, but they never wait. 

Top performers like famous billionaires, successful entrepreneurs and world record holders understand the importance of time. That’s why they’re successful. 

Don’t you want to be successful and do something concrete rather than wasting your time in finding random tactics? 

Mastering tactics is the only shortcut to pave your path towards success. 

With the Mind Math Genius course, you’ll learn the exact secrets that have helped thousands discover their love for maths and change their lives. All of this and more in just seven days. 


Reach The Highest Level of Mathematics Mastery & Turn into a Math Genius in JUST SEVEN DAYS

Solve Math Problems, Blazingly Fast!

The mind math genius course is designed for people just like you – who’re tired of tricks that never work. Divided in seven modules, the course takes you on a massive transformation journey- from day one when you suffer from mathematics phobia to day seven when you’ve aced all mathematical concepts to make it big in the world.

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What People are Saying about Mind Math Genius?

EXCELLENT!!!!! I was never taught these tricks in school. Wish they had then the math would have been so much easier for me. These tricks help A LOT!!!!
Tash Mathe
Tash Mathe
After the first week itself, I am ready to give this course a 5-star review. Totally worth the price I paid for it.
Benoit Trenel Compact
Benoit Trenel
Software Engineer
Great course to help you ditch the calculator. It opened my eyes, and it has improved my math skills a lot.
Alekh Khanna
Alekh Khanna
Medical Manager
I was really worried that this course might take a lot of time and effort for me to master the techniques. I am terrible at math but learning the techniques was so easy. After some practice, I was doing math in my head faster than I ever dreamed was possible. Howard is a great instructor and makes things simple.
Saurabh Nagda
Saurabh Nagda
Data Analytics
I fell in love with math after taking this course. I emailed Howard during the course to ask for help, and I got an immediate response even though the question was out of scope, and it helped me proceed without any delay.
Stephane Dulor Compact
Stephane Dulor
Sr Manager
If you take the time and actually practice all the problems, this course can actually make you a human calculator.
Subramanium Compact
IT Engineer
A really good course. It teaches you to use your brainpower rather than memorizing, which strains your brain. Highly recommended.
Nicole Blochlinger
Nicole Blöchlinger
Technical Recruiter
You can do math really fast. The teaching method is so great, and everything is explained with examples. I totally loved it.
Joseph Dias
Joseph Dias

Meet the Mastermind

Howard Berg, the Guinness World Record Holder for ‘World’s Fastest Reader’

Howard Berg is the Guinness World Record Holder for the fastest reader. The record is yet to be broken. He is listed in the 1990s Guinness Book for reading 25,000 words in a minute and writing 100 words a minute.

Growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, Berg spent most of his time in the library in his teenage years. There he developed various memory retention and speed learning techniques that have given him the title of ‘Knowledge Mastery Strategist’.

Howard’s memory-based learning strategies have been breakthroughs in top publications such as Forbes FYI, Selling, Man’s Health, and various other newspapers across America.

Howard Berg

Why Learn From HOWARD?

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7 Day - Course Curriculum

What you will learn in this professional course

Mind Math Genius By Howard Berg
Plus Sign

DAY 1 - Addition

Minus Sign

DAY 2 - Subtraction

Multiplication Sign

DAY 3 - Multiplication (Part 1)

Multiplication Sign

DAY 4 - Multiplication (Part 2)

Square Sign

DAY 5 - Squaring (Part 1)

Square and Cube Sign

DAY 6 - Squaring (Part 1) & Cubing

Division Sign

DAY 7 - Division

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus Training Video 1

Checking Addition By Casting Out 9

Casting out nines is a quick technique that you can use to verify sophisticated addition. You will be able to confirm that your final answer is correct by following the steps in this method.

Bonus Training Video 2

Special Subtraction

In special subtraction, we cover three powerful subtraction techniques. First, we start with subtracting from powers of 10, and then we move on to adding numbers to subtract them, and finally, we learn to subtract rounded off numbers to make the problem manageable.

Bonus Training Video 3

Matrix Multiplication

Ever wondered if you could multiply a 3 digit number by another 3 digit number or even better a 4 digit number with another 4 digit number ? Well, using the technique I show you will be able to do this without using a calculator.


Bonus Training Video 4

Division by 5

Divide any number imaginable by 5 in just a few simple steps. No complicated formula or calculator needed. Just your presence and some practice are required.

Bonus Activity Book

Additional Math Problems To Make You A Math Genius

Practice makes perfect, and this is why we have also included a bonus activity book to help you master all the techniques you learned and give you more training. Make sure to complete all teh problems in your bonus activity book.

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There is a lot of valuable information packed in this course. I want to make sure you understand it, digest it and use it in your daily life, and make sure that it is working for you. 

Try the entire course in 15 days. 15 days is enough time to take this course twice. End decision will always be YOURS. If you love it. Keep it. And if you don’t love it, I will make sure you receive a full refund.

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Frequently asked questions

Maths is not difficult. The problem lies in teaching methods. If I tell you to multiply 2 three-digit numbers, you will start sweating. This is what traditional teaching does. But in my course, I teach you the mental maths hacks by which you can multiply three-digit numbers within seconds without the need for pen and paper.

Just like every other skill out there, maths needs practice. But is practicing sufficient to become brilliant in maths? Unfortunately, no. You need to understand how numbers work. You need to learn the techniques which will help you reduce the solving time. And this is what I do in my Maths Genius Course. I take non-traditional ways to help you learn and love maths.

You will have lifelong access to this course after purchasing.

The recommended time to complete this course is seven weeks.

This course is unique because it is not full of a bunch of theories. The tricks and techniques taught in this course are tried and tested over two decades. Also, we update the course regularly.

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