Do you Struggle to Meet Deadlines at Your work place?

Get done with work in one third the time ...

Your success isn’t determined by the time you spend, but by the results your boss sees. Utilize your time efficiently and do more in a single day than you did in an entire week.

learn the Speed Reading secrets from Howard Berg who is a Guinness World Record Holder.

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  • Are You Stuck in Your low paying Job?  
  • Does Your Boss Expect You To Read Many Reports and do More? 
  • Do You Waste Hours Everyday Trying to Understand Everything You Come Across? 

Let me tell you something – whatever they taught you about ‘reading’ in school will not help you in the real world.

Yes!! you heard that right. You’ve been reading things the ‘wrong way’ all your life. Reading every word and then making sense out of it burns out your brain and wastes your time. That’s what keeps you away from achieving your dream job and financial success.







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Learn to Grasp More Information in Limited Time with

Secret Speed Reading Techniques and Tricks

When was the last time you successfully read a 400 page book within 2 hours?
Never…… Right?

With speed reading techniques, you can boost your reading speed by up to 3x and complete your responsibilities faster. You can grab more information quickly, making you better and more efficient in the work place. 

You will have the superpower to read faster and learn more in the same amount of time. Imagine what you can possibly achieve without stretching your day.

Beat the System, Grow quickly and Achieve your Dreams

3X Your Reading Speed & Skyrocket your Growth Curve

Do you want to claim success for yourself? Then it’s time to act and change your old reading habits today. It’s time to learn Speed Reading.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lawyer who needs to consume boring law books daily, an analyst or a business owner struggling to keep pace with new techniques to grow your business everyday.  

Speed reading gives you the luxury to absorb more information 1/10th of the time without losing the power to understand!

Do you know what it means? 

It means you will be 10 times more efficient in learning new skills and you will be able to supercharge your growth exponentially.

Mind Math Genius By Howard Berg Ipad Edition


Howard Berg, the world’s fastest reader, has designed Berg Learning’s Speed Reading- Professional Edition. He has shared his strategies, secrets and tips that can help you skyrocket your reading speed. 

When you sign up for the course, you get proven mentorship that focuses on four core areas – Reading, Learning, Comprehension, and Memory Retention.

Learn from Expert Himself - Enroll with us today!

What Genius Professionals Have To Say

Clear, 100% practical and applicable, and includes options as well as advice on how to apply to achieve best results. Worth twice the price.
Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer
Project Manager
Mind boggling and life-changing course! Absolutely a vital skill to be mastered (speed reading) now thanks to this special course this is possible. Massive Thanks to the author - Howard S Berg - The fastest reader in the world!
Nico Leban
Nico Leban
Life Coach
I like that he presents this step by step in a friendly coherent manner. Howard is an excellent coach and seems to really understand how the process feels for his students.
Romy Yanagisawa fin
Romy Yanagisawa
This course is so informative. I just want to say thanks to Howard!. This course actually worked for me. I am so grateful. The course was well worth the money. Going from months to reading a book in just 2 to 3 hours. Thank you again. This was awesome. I still give this course 5 stars because I never thought that this would be possible for me to do, and I proved myself wrong. Not that big of a deal to me but for those who are looking to be taught this way pay attention to the note. Hey, since the info I got from this was very valuable and I got all that I wanted and more. This course would have 6 stars. All I got to say is I am satisfied with what's provided.
William Mitchell
William Mitchell
All through high school, I was a middle of the road C+/B- student. Not because I was a bad student, I always tried my best but always struggled. I was never taught the techniques that Howard teaches. As a result, I often did poorly on tests in school, and I thought there was just something wrong with me. I'm now in my early 30's and decided there must be a way to read faster and learn more efficiently. This course was exactly what I needed. What I really enjoyed most was how quickly you see results, I could see that what I was learning was working instantly and even in my day to day life. Already I'm flying through my morning news articles and having a stronger understanding of what's being discussed, and I'm enjoying getting back into books again. Now I have a stronger grasp of the topics I'm learning.
Cameron Gray
Australian artist
I like the way the course is set up. Howard explains how reading is misunderstood and corrected my vocalization problem. I have a few videos left to go but have already tripled my speed to 600 wpm with good comprehension.
Mark Parrish
Mark Parrish
Software Developer
Totally loved it! It does take work and practice to increase your speed; however, I do read faster now and am able to complete a book weekly if not every several days. This has been a great help! Thank you!
Nav Gupta
Nav Gupta
Business Owner
Following these instructions is simple. The results I am getting are exactly what the instructor says I will get. I highly recommend this training course.
Eddie Sand final
Eddie Sand
Digital Marketer
Awesome Course. Why Listen to Howard Stephen Berg? He is the Guinness World Record Holder, and you will not get a better mentor or guide for doing this and learning from the best. Provided you see videos twice make notes on EverNote.Follow word to word what he is saying. Practice the16-minute drill. Howard can make your dreams come true if you are going for an exam. Provided you practice 16 mins daily. He will build your confidence. I was crying while studying until I did this course where Howard says it's 10% reading 90% reviewing. He is a gem of a person. I would highly recommend this course. Initially, 16 min drill is taxing on your mind, but the third time it will feel better. Must for anyone planning to give an exam. Practice is a must.
Amrita Singh
Amrita Singh
It's a unique course and proud to be learning from the World's fastest reader. If you want to become a master, then you have to learn from the master. I am a regular reader, and I took some courses for speed reading by others based on rating's but this one is AWESOME and number one, my goal is to read 3 books a day, and I am already started to read whole one book in one day, and this is my 28 days, I did not rate this course before because I wanted to see result's 1st. Just do consistently drills and you will be amazed. The Course is more worth it than the asking price on this website. The more you learn and the more you earn " Warren buffet" the brilliant magnate investor in this 21st century on this planet.
Nawa The Rock
Keep Guessing
Very good content. The content is unique compared with other speedreading courses. I think for some of the techniques you need talents which I don't have. In the end, I think everyone will like Howard and 5 stars are a must. If you are willing to invest some time in speedreading you should watch this course.
Frank Siebers
Frank Siebers
Very good content. A lot of techniques, and most importantly, you are required to take action throughout the lessons, which makes it very practical. Very clear and well presented, explanations are limpid. Not too much stuff, no fluff, but each lesson is long enough to go deep on its topic. I really appreciate the "interactive" doing parts, where you Howard tells you to apply immediately what he's talked about, and he's timing you while you do it.
Experimental Artist
Wonderful course. I felt that he was there with me the whole time. Very nice pace. Amazing info with actionable steps. Love it.
Aleno Oliveira
Aleno Oliveira
Tax Attorney

Meet the Mastermind

Howard Berg, the Guinness World Record Holder for ‘World’s Fastest Reader’

The record is yet to be broken. He is listed in the 1990s Guinness Book for reading 25,000 words in a minute and writing 100 words a minute.

Growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, Berg spent most of his time in the library in his teenage years. There he developed various memory retention and speed learning techniques that have given him the title of ‘Knowledge Mastery Strategist’.

Howard’s memory-based learning strategies have been breakthroughs in top publications such as Forbes FYI, Selling, Man’s Health, and various other newspapers across America.

Howard Berg

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This speed reading course is for you if …

  • You feel you are a slow reader.
  • You have a pile of technical reports laying on your table waiting to be read.
  • If you feel you don’t have time for reading between managing work-life balance.
  • If you read a lot on digital devices such as Kindle.
  • If you feel overwhelmed after every reading session.
  • If you can’t focus on what you are reading
  • If you keep re-reading sentences
  • If you cannot remember what you read.

Why this course?

  • World-class trainer. None other than Howard Berg, a Guinness Record holder for Speed Reading, designed this course. His record is yet to be broken 3 decades later. Learn from the best.
  • In-depth training on speed reading, memorization, and comprehension techniques will double or triple your reading speed without compromising comprehension.
  • Using visual mapping, goal setting, and creativity to improve reading speed. 
  • Last but not least, the course is short and succinct, and to the point. It is 100% fluff-free.

What Will You Learn in this Speed Reading Course?

Boost your reading speed by up to 219% or more

Doing simple exercises mentioned in the course will help you speed up your reading speed exponentially.

Gain a competitive edge in your career

Professionals need to read. From legal papers to company’s financial reports. By learning to read faster, you will gain a competitive edge over others.

Learn speed reading with full comprehension

Speed reading can reduce comprehension if not learned properly. Our course had a module dedicated to improving your comprehension while speed reading.

Learn the most prominent barrier that is stopping you from speed reading

You will learn the most prominent roadblocks that are obstructing you from reaching your full reading potential. You will also unlearn what they taught in elementary school.

7 Week - Course Curriculum

What you will learn in this professional course

Week 1

Starting With The Basics Of Speed Reading

Week 2

Getting A Strong Foundation By Learning The Fundamentals

Week 3

Reading Faster With Better Comprehension

Week 4

Learning The Mechanics Of Speed Reading

Week 5

Mastering Advanced Comprehension Techniques

Week 6

Discussing Multiple Exam, Studying And Learning Strategies

Week 7

Focusing On Memory And Remembering What You Read

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus Training Video 1

Extracting Schema

Discover a whole new way of speed reading when you uncover the secret of extracting the schema from what you are reading. Once you master this skill, reading at high speeds becomes so much easier. You have plenty of drills in your activity book that will make sure you are proficient in this skill.

Bonus Training Video 2

Re-framing Information

Transform the way you make meaning of what you read by linking it to threads you already know. Threads are streams of thought that you obtained by reading other material.

Bonus Training Video 3

Reducing Subvocalization

Re-framing Transforms the way you make meaning of what you read by linking it to threads you already know. Threads are streams of thought that you obtained by understanding how something works in the real world. In re-framing, you connect that thread to something you are trying to learn, and that makes the entire learning process simple.


Bonus Training Video 4

SR2Q Technique

A revolutionary technique that will change the way you read anything. You will no longer read linearly. This technique shows you how to alter your reading process to absorb all the information in the shortest time. SR2Q is a technique that was developed by Howard to attain the highest comprehension in the shortest amount of time.

Bonus Training Video 5

Speed Reading on a Kindle

Digital devices are all around us and are overtaking hard copy books. So you will learn how to speed read when using any digital device. You will learn techniques to organise data and the workflows Howard uses to store large amounts of information.

Bonus Activity Book

Only Available With The Professional Edition

This bonus activity book is only available with the professional version of this course and not included with the student version. There are many activities in this workbook that are designed for professionals to build upon the skills they have already attained in the activity book.

Customer Support

100% MoneyBack Guarantee

Are you afraid to buy this course only to find out it is not for you? Then, leave your worries at the door. Because we guarantee maximum satisfaction from the course. However, if you are not satisfied, shoot us an email within the first 15 days. We will provide a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have long work hours such as 9-5, you will hardly get time to rest properly, let alone read books. For an average person, reading a 400-page book can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. Do you want to spend that long time completing your book? You don’t, right? This is where speed reading can help you as a professional. You save more time reading books. Thus,  allowing you to read more books in a year.

Speed reading is nothing but rewiring your brain to learn and read faster. Studies have shown that many people rewire their brains to increase memory. By using the principle of neuroplasticity, one can learn speed reading. However, problems come when you cannot comprehend what you read. Our course covers improving comprehension training.

You will have lifelong access to the course if you sign up for the Unlimited Version.

The course is delivered in 7 modules. Each course module takes approximately 40-60 minutes. So you can expect the course to be approximately five hours.

Howard Berg teaches this course with other instructors. Howard is a Guinness World record holder in speed reading. His record of reading 25,000 words in a minute is yet to be broken.

We believe that if you can read even small things. Then, you can learn to speed read. Your disability should not hold you back. In speed reading, your brain undergoes a mindset shift. You will learn to train your eyes, reducing subvocalization, and word clustering to help you speed read.

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